03 February 2008

the weekend of sick.

so.....i have been sick since thursday night.....fun fun stuff. i couldnt keep anything down....til this morning really....i think i had a flu bug...but cant be too sure.

i dont have much to write...except that i have watched a bunch of craptastic movies on FX and lots of animal planet. i have yet to make it to the gym...who needs the gym when they are having a bout of bulimia! woot! :)

anyhow, this morning we made breakfast sandwiches that tasted similarly like the ones they make at juniors! mmmm. i miss juniors. i have been able to keep that down...so, i think i am on the mend! we may be going to nicoles for superbowl...but havent totally dedicated....durin really wants to watch the puppy bowl.....i dont really care about the super bowl....but i would think it was cool if the patriots won....because noone has done what they might do....ever....and thats cool.

but yeah. thats my weekend...in a nutshell.


c-line said...

I like the puppy bowl!

Michele Maule said...

Puppy bowl?! What? What's that?
I guess I missed it whatever it is...it sounds unbelievably cute.

I miss you guys. Rub your belly for me! Little bean :)