08 May 2010


it seems i have beened spammed here on my blog....anyone know how to keep that from happening?

in my little world, i have been a bit busy. but had some off call time as we have had a break between births. the last birth was a super sweet birth. well, they all are in each their own way.

lots of people i know are pregnant these days. its awesome that they are considering homebirth as an option for them! i am excited for new fresh babies!

summer is slooooowly peaking around the corner...i just want to soak in the sun completely, hang out at the creek and be warm! cant wait!

16 January 2010

super proud.

i am so proud of myself for remembering to blog more! i have been super busy the last couple days! had two births in two days! its been so moving!

i am ready for a bit of sleep though! but i think the high from it all prevents me from it! i love what i am doing. so much!

i will post more later as my little rascal just woke up from his nap!

i just want to say that i feel so blessed. so blessed.

14 January 2010

a mei tai pattern

i found this mei tai pattern and wanted to save it here....and share! (it is different than the one shown in the pic here.)

i would love to add a little hood to the mei tai that i recently made (the one in the picture). warren always falls asleep in it when i use it for walks....little dangly head!

12 January 2010

i cant wait

for summer!!! i wish it was summer all the time. year round. for being an oregonian i kinda suck at liking the rain, the drizzle, the grey...however, on my behalf i will tell you that i dont use umbrellas....so i still count as an oregonian. right!?

i just miss being outside more. doing stuff. being warm. i am a tank top and birkenstock gal for sure...and i think i am more becoming as a sun-kissed golden person rather than a pale mole! (i always feel like a mole when the sun comes out...all squinty eyed....). i want to be somewhere warm. anyone wanna throw some air miles my way? hmmmmm?

and i realllllly miss the produce. the fruit and berries. the selection sucks at the market right now. i also miss the music that summer seems to have lots of....the festivals in the park. the back deck music playing while enjoying a tasty libation! or swimming at the creek with nowhere to have to be!

these are my ideas of summer. i heart summer.
i am tired of my wool socks.

11 January 2010

so, i want a tattoo.

i have been thinking that i might want a new tattoo....
the picture here is what i think i want...or something like it. i thought i wanted something that looks like this but has to do with water....if anyone can find anything like that let me know.

and send me your ideas or thoughts!!! i need input!


well. well. well.

another birthday come and gone. i am 31. so far its the same as any other age since i have been a so called "grown up"....good bye twenties. i hear that the thirties are the best! i hope so!

my family had our christmas celebration yesterday. it was fun. well, except trying to wrap presents beforehand with warren around! that was a joke! we all met up at my aunts house here in town. we had a lovely long round of present opening, coffee and cardamom (sp?) bread made by my grandma! i love that bread.

today, i just tried to find some knitting patterns and hung out at home til i had to leave for a midwifin' appointment with a lovely mama who is due at the beginning of next month. i am super excited for the next few births!

in the crafting aspect of my little world, i am in the final stages of knitting a hat. it is the pilot hat from littleturtleknits.com. i knit it in my size. i cant decide if its going to be so dorky its cool...like anthropologie cute dorky....or if it will be just plain dorky. i will have to wait til i can wear it to decide!

i found a big slouchy hat pattern to knit a hat for nicole...its like the hat that the little girl wore in the movie version of "the secret garden"....i need the right size needles though before i can start...but i am ready!

aaaaand. i am thinking of knitting a baby scale sling....i half assed drafted up a pattern for one...but i dont think i will get to it right away. but, i think it will be a lace type pattern. i will have to use yarn that doesnt have a lot of give. it may not work...but its worth a shot for a pretty sling for weighing fresh babies!

i am also in a mod swap on craftster.org. i have the perfect partner! thanks pam! i cant wait to get rolling on some stuff for her! this is going to be a fun swap. its been a while since i participated in one! i am happy about it!

alright. tonight is done. i am spent. my bed is beckoning.

08 January 2010

soooo. fancy meeting you here.

its been a while.

alright. i put my blogs back up in my link bar so i will be reminded to post to them every so often....

we have been busy!
it was a fine christmas. i am glad its over. i am very happy that 2010 is here and 2009 is done and gone! woot!

my birthday is exactly 23.5 hours away! i love my birthday. this year we are having my family's christmas gathering on the same day! i hope to get double the presents! :)
i like the idea of being 31! its crazy...and its a prime number! so, i can say i am in my prime and mean it!

the midwiffin is going well. we have had 2 births in the last month. one just two days ago! it was nice! we are waiting on a sweet baby girl at the moment...what do you think the odds are that this lil baby girl will decide to come on my birthday?! it would be great!

on the study front i am totally lacking. and slacking. i hope to really get into a groove after this weekend. although i have yet to receive my curriculum....i still have a ton of stuff that i can work on. i need motivation...and the holidays and this time of transition has taken it out of me! i guess its now time to push through and get to it....

well. i am going to bed. goodnight all.
does anyone even read this blog anymore?...ya'll should remind me to post!

14 November 2009

i have read this twice today...in two different places.

"the best way out is through..."---robert frost.

i think this is such truth...and is such a reminder to keep plugging away at whatever it is you are doing or dealing with.

i have been a slacker in regards to both my blogs. i think of all sorts of things i could write about here and on my midwiffin' blog...usually i think of them in the car...when i am driving...and then abruptly forget all about whatever it was that i thought to write about. its frustrating.

speaking of driving. the soobie broke down two nights ago. sad lil soobie. i should get her fixed next week. it always breaks down when i am on my way to a prenatal appointment. its so frustrating...but at least its not on the way to a birth. (knocking on wood now).

all in all, my overall theme of thoughts lately have a ton to do with family, my son, birth, choice, growth, and trying to stay positive. hence the quote up top.

it will all be fine...especially if i could remember the things i want to blog about! :)

08 October 2009

*insert witty title here*

per the usual, i am tired. it was a l-o-n-g day today.
some days i really question how i am raising warren. he is his own little person and i really thought prior to having him that children could easily be...well..shaped! haaaa! i always figured it would come with the love and support etc. sometimes doing what feel right is so so exhausting.

i was just reading some interesting topics on an attachment parenting forum. (i would give yall the link...but i am too lazy to go find it again)...ok. i will try to find it before i am done with this post!

anyhow, heres the deal that i am thinking about and perhaps struggling with...i feel that i am so supportive of attachment parenting, slings, co-sleeping etc. meeting the needs of my child...but my lifestyle, my work really, has shaped the way i can really implement these things. well, that, and warrens own ideas about how things should be!

example about warrens own idears: we all co-slept in the same bed. for quite some time. it was easy. made life easy. warren would start out going to bed in his lil pack'n'play bassinette thing next to our bed. then he would join us in bed when we went to bed. at about five or so months, he wouldnt sleep well anymore. so, we tried the crib...and he seemed to sleep so much more soundly and deeply. now, i will be honest, i appreciate being able to sprawl out and not have a wiggling child next to me...but is my child going to be less "well raised" because he chooses to sleep away from us? plus, i miss him next to me! (after re-reading this paragraph, i feel like adding that we do tend to "co-sleep" alot more than what i am making this out to be...i end up with him in the twin bed in his room more often than not because i fall asleep with him while nursing during the night or early morning)....so we do get our cuddle on!)

his needs ARE being met. with a quickness. he wouldnt have it any other way, nor would I...i just wonder.

as for other aspects of AP'ing, warren loves being with me on my back, being carried, being strolled. and i love making wraps and other carriers 9its a shame i dont have more time...i would have a million of them!)

its so funny how these lil people make us question ourselves so much. and worry! i think its the one guarantee of parenting....you will worry. and wonder if you are doing it (or did it)right for the rest of your life!

i am not really doubting how we have chosen to do things...but i cant help worry about the fact that we only get one chance at this...warren will not be the lil person he is today--- ever again.

01 October 2009

dear cupcakes. i love you.

today, was a good day....until dinner time when warren decides to have a nightly meltdown...we survived...and had cupcakes for dessert---which made things all better. sad how food can do that for ya...especially food that is so evil and delicious. oh well. my excuse is that i am still nursing...and i now weigh what i weighed in high school. my butt could use the cupcakes!

anyhow, some days are so so hard when the meltdown occurs. i try to breath. deep.
it really is hard to have patience when you have to every hour of every day....patience is learned. it must be decided upon. but in some of those trying moments, i know i forget to decide to be patient. and then i feel guilty for losing my patience. for feeling exasperated. other mothers seem all calm, cool and collected all the time...and i know its just not the truth! we are human!

i wonder if i walk around looking as ragged as i feel some days....? oh well. its part of the deal!

on the up side, i dont want to complain anymore! so, i will tell you once again that my cupcakes rock my world...and warren and i had a lovely day hanging out at the coffee shop. we also went to the silverton indoor play park, for the first time, which was awesome for him! he had a ton of fun! and we had a visit with uncle aaron and nicole...they came for dinner, which was nice! all in all, it was a pretty chill day.

i am enjoying the change in the weather. especially today. it was cool...but warm still. that nice autumn sunny day feelin! i like it. i am sure in a month i will be sad that summer has gone...but for now i will enjoy this!

alrighty. i have got other stuff to do.

thank you cupcakes. i love you. <3

29 September 2009

i crafted.

so! i was in a swap on craftster for the first time in a really long time. it was a bird themed swap! i had a really great partner! i just thought i would share what i made! the package inclueded a neat little hand towel, oven mitt, and woodburned cooking utensils....as well as a little pair of birdie earrings and a fun little trinket bird....i love the bird material i used for this! so fun!

as for today, warren and i had a date night...we went out to dinner at super pho in salem...which, i must tell you, is amazingly delicious....there, warren managed to get noodles ALL over him...he had them in his socks! and smashed into his butt! after our amazing pho, we went to hancocks to get some fabric for warrens halloween costume! and then of course we had to go to a couple places to run errands after that....all in all it was a great day!

this summer phasing into fall is kinda nice! although i am not used to having cold feet! i am not a sock person....unless they are nice handknit cozy socks...for wearing around the house! i do hope i can find time to knit a bit...but i have alot on my lil plate so we will see!

24 September 2009

more pics. for you.

isnt he cute!!! he just gets cuter and cuter!
alright. i am done gushing now.

inundating you with tons of pics....

hopefully the pics will suffice for my lack in posting!

warren is growing so so fast.

21 September 2009

i will.....

make an actual post soon! i pinky swear!

ps. random fact: tonight i have been craving tacos, lettuce wraps and chocolate chip cookies.....just an fyi! ;)

04 June 2009

oh my goodness. its been a long time!

so at the request of kim, i am posting again! so sorry that i havent been keeping up! there is a ton of stuff going on and this is the last thing i think of to do! i need a good kick in the behind....and like 500 hours in a day.

anyhow! just in this week alone i have attended the birth of a new baby boy, gotten a skin tag removed (tmi i know!), found out i dont have melanoma/cancer on my boob, saw anthony bourdain (mmmmm delicious!), rearranged the living room, ate super awesome mexican food for lunch today and did the day to day stuff too!

warren has grown a ton since that last post...i am sorry. we went from his first toothies to having six now! hes got his two bottom teeth and four of his uppers! big boy! he is ten months old today! i just cant believe it at all. he is "toddling" now...he creeps along furniture and is attempting to stand for brief periods of time all by his onesie! hes totally crawling his bad self all over the house...we had to child proof the cupboards...fun times! hes gone swimming at the pool, gotten his very own lil baby pool, is eating lots of different and fun foods, he learned how to pout (i die laughing every time its so cute!)! we take lots of walks in the stroller through town....but not today...that storm put a little damper on that plan! oh! and his hair is cuuuuurly! heehee! anyhow, i am sure there is much much more i am forgetting to post here....but you get the gist of it.

i will seriously try to post more here...its been crazy! i dont even know if anyone really reads it anymore....i know kim does though! woot!

one last thing: my new favorite website----www.bakingbites.com
check it out. it looks tasty!

11 April 2009

eggs....are good.


nana gave warren his very first easter basket! and i made his "nerdy" easter pants! go me!

05 April 2009

oh sunny day!

yesterday was lovely! and today is supposed to be even better!
i love the sun!

i am trying to post a little bit more these days. sorry i was a slacker for so long.

02 April 2009

busy busy.

so. i have been super busy. sorta. busy being sick with every childhood ailment you can think of with the exception of the chicken pox!

been running around. going to prenatal appointments with lennon and we went to a midwifery roundtable last friday that was super interesting! we have a mama who is due very soon! cant wait! its such an honor to be able to be invited into these folks' lives' as they go through such awesome changes! i really love the families i am meeting! i think of them often!

i have also been workin a bit and hanging with the boy! i should post some new pics soon! warren has cut two teeth recently! he is still trying to learn to crawl...hes almost got it...but he lets himself get so frustrated! so, in the meantime, he is a'rollin all over the place!

we've been trying to go for walks. yesterday we went for one around town. he is silverton's little hambone! everyone loves the lil speckster!

i cant wait for the weather to turn! i want warmth, sunshine and vitamin D! i cant wait to swim in the creek this summer and be outside. it will be so nice!

well, the warren boy is waking up so i must go. but i thought i would give a quick lil update! someone remind me to post my swap items after my partner receives them! i joined a mama/baby swap on craftster. i rec'd a lovely package today that included some wool soakers, a snappie (which i have wanted to try out), a burp cloth, a onesie for the boy and some wipes! oh! and a cute shel silverstein frame! i will try to post pics sometime of what i sent as well! soon.

i hope all is well!

ps. michele! one month! pho baby!

17 February 2009

my face hurts!

and i am quite sad about it actually! i have myself a bit of a sinus infection...i need me a netty pot!

in other news, i made a fantastic macaroni and cheese this evening for dinner! it was serious goodness. i should have gotten a photograph of it...it was beautious!

i know this blog has sorta turned into the blog about warren and being his momma...i hope yall dont mind! its what i am up to these days! :)

i did recently knit a few stitches to complete a set of four little hats for nicole's boys! i started them about a year and a half ago...go me! *note sarcasm*
now, i just need to sew the seams on the lil brims and they are good to go. i hope they still fit their little noggins!

i found a couple cute patterns for knit soakers i want to make for the speck man. i also want to make him a couple pairs of woolie "longies"...but i havent found the right pattern...i might alter one of the soaker patterns. could work. any ideas anyone?

today, i was thinking about getting coffee with mike and michele at the bipart...i cant wait! and juniors...oh yeah. we have to go to juniors when you get back!

well, i am going to fill the baby up and head myself to bed!

16 February 2009