01 May 2008

undie butt. prius style.

so, i just purchased diapers for speck....or actually a starter kit for them atleast....i bought these here: www.gdiapers.com

check em out...gdiapers baby! they are the prius of diapers! pretty cool eh!
arn't they darned cute....? well, i think so.
the inserts are flushable and compostable and the covers are washable...i am thinking that i will use the old school cloth diapers inside the gdiaper covers and liners for the most part...and use the flushable inserts for out and about or for when speck is being babysat....all to do my lil part for my corner of the planet....

i know that many of you have never thought two seconds about diapers....and may never...i hadn't either, but for some odd reason i have had to do a ton of research......and finally settled on this plan for now. i just cant justify using huggies or whatever....did you know that each disposable diaper takes roughly 500 years to decompose....thats nasty.

so yeah. here is just one endeavor i have embarked upon as a soon to be new parent....some day, i will be bloggin about my baby's bowel movements! how fun!

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