27 July 2008

clouds. happpppy clouds.

i am so delighted that it is cloudy today...i dont feel like i am sweating to death!
i might get some motivation here in a bit....we have my nieces birthday party to go to today which should be fun.

the other day, i went to breakfast with tiffany and sage at the top-o-hill restauraunt in aurora and then we went berry picking just outside of aurora ...it was loverly! i got a ton of boysenberries and blueberries...i made boysenerry cobbler the other night and oh my god it was delicious. i think boysenberries are my favorite berry. i also made boysenberry freezer jam as well. so good. yesterday morning, for durin (and because it was our anniversary-6years), i made blueberry coffee cake muffins that were absolutely delicious. especially warm. i have more blueberries to use up....so, what should i make!? i should do something with it today. hmmmm. any idears?

on the speck front, we basicly got his/her room finished. i got cute ikea rugs and red drapes and need to just tidy it up....he/she wont sleep in there for a while...but for some reason i felt like it needed to be finished and ready....i shall post some pics soon....i actually think durin is nesting for me!

i have horrid nasal congestion...which is normal because of an increase in (i think) estrogen that helps ready your cervix for labor by softening it up....this also causes your sinuses and nasal passages to swell up...real fun. i am a mess at this last little juncture! good thing everything went so well prior eh?! i feel for women that have to go through crazy symptoms throughout their entire pregnancy....i guess it has to get miserable at the end so that mentally and physically you will push the lil bugger out....hopefully soon.

yesterday, i used my serger for the first time! it was awesome...the skirt i made, not so much...but still, it gave me practice overlocking...which to my surprise is not anymore difficult that sewing a straight line really....thanks again to amy dear for threading the thing for me and helping me understand that i shouldnt be afraid of the serger!

well, this post has proven to be a long one...i am trying to pick myself up outta yesterdays funk...hopefully today will be better....


Michele Maule said...

So close Angie!!
can't wait for our phone call :)

kittykill said...

Yeah for bottomless offee! You are a regular!