13 August 2008

quick update! warren is sleepin!

sooooo, its been a week and two days since the big day! it really feels like a couple of really loooooong days....just gettin' into this groove....

warren is a gooooood boy and we are learning eachother...he loves to take baths...which i think i encouraged in utero when i was taking baths almost every night!

being a mama is seriously a crazy job...but so far so good...there are moments where i feel helpless but i have durin and he is such a big help! at one point i had realized that i hadnt brushed my teeth in three days...i feel for speck as i showered him with kisses with that nastay breath! :)

today, i see my midwife, pam, for a postpartum visit...and my friend sage is coming to have lunch...i should get off here and wake the child up so that he gets fed before i do!

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