02 August 2008

waiting game.

this waiting is torture i tell ya!!!

i dont think due dates should be allowed...i guess thats why they stress that they are "estimated" due dates....its stupid...makes you edgy...and i am pretty sure that that doesnt help it work its way out.

speck, it seems, is super cozy in there...methinks that he/she will all of a sudden want out...no leading up to it...i think it will happen all at once...

i just want to meet the lil bugger i have been home to for the last 280 some odd days...apparently i am a good home. pink warm fluffy...what more could a baby want!?!

i also really want a dirty martini....nice and salty...and yummy...perhaps (thanks mikey) i do need me some pho....damn silverton is pho-less....well, there is no vietnamese pho here...there is a thai place that has a similar noodle soup but is not quite pho vinh....mmmmmm.

anyhow, i will post here when there is more action! wish me baby action luck! send the vibes my way....lets gitter dun...

1 comment:

Michele Maule said...

Come on little speck!!
Everyone is waiting for your big debut. You're waiting for my birthday aren't you?? You want to share birthdays with me. That's cool and all, but I think your mom wants you to show your face stat! :)

Hang in there Angie. Are you going to be requesting a Dirty Martini from Durrin after you're all done giving birth? haha :)That would be AWESOME.