05 September 2008


my man! hes fillin out! and practicing smiling! we are getting things figured out...!!! i think he is getting used to being here!

so its friday. we got a tax return finally!!! woot! took forever!
i got to do a lil shoppin! warren got some stylin clothes and we got him the raddest coat for winter...so cute! i got some new pants! my old pants dont fit and my funky maternity jeans are saggin in the boot-tay! :)

i also got a book to read while i am spending lots of time feeding the boy. i think i will read to him...i suppose it depends on the content! :) i got "the birth house" by Ami McKay...it was referred to me by my friend Amy! i am looking forward to reading a novel! this reminds me, i need to get some books back to my midwife...someone help me remember!

we may or may not leave town this weekend...its a little up in the air at the moment...so we are ready to do whatever.

this week i have been thinking alot about initiating my journey into midwifery...i dont know really how i want to go about it...i definatly have alot of work to do...and there are schools, online programs and/or self study etc...i need to take a moment to figure out how i want to begin...i know that online seems like a definate perk being super busy with the boy! i am just so afraid that if i dont make a little effort to get some sort of ball rollin', i will never do it...i really feel like its what i need to be working towards....any advice and thoughts appreciated!

anyhow, i hope you all have a beautiful weekend! lots of love to you all.


amy said...

damn, so cute!! aw! i can't believe how old he is already!

and yay! i'm so glad you got that book! i really hope you enjoy it, i loved it so much.

um, i don't really think you need to worry about content yet.. you could read him erotica and he'd just be happy to be hearing your voice (though that might be a little creepy for you!).

i think you'll be an amazing midwife hon. really, i truly do. self study might be a good thing for now (you could read that aloud to him!) , and once you guys get into the groove a bit more, you can decide what the next step should be. online could definitely be the answer, if you're committed enough to actually doing it (i'm not, i failed the one online college class i took!).

regardless of how you go about doing it, i know it'll happen when it's right.

Anonymous said...

Look at him! He's already so different than when I last saw him!

I really like The Birth House; I bet you'll like it. (Now, that other novel 'Midwives' that's on Opera's book list....I didn't like at all)