15 September 2008

a little questionaire i found....

1. Besides your family, what is your most prized possession? i have no idea...material things? my knitting stuff perhaps...my sewing machine....on my person---i really have come to terms with my hair....hows that for an answer!

2. If you were on death row, what would your last meal be? Pho. seriously.

3. At a party, would you be hiding in the corner or hanging out at the punch bowl talking it up? And, what food item would your bring to the party ? definatly at the punch bowl...i would bring cheap beer and cookies...or roasted veggies cuz their easy peasy!

4. What is the most “girly” thing about you? i like a good pedicure...recently i started wearing more dresses...i have always felt like a bit of a tomboy...but a girly one....

5. What is your favorite piece of furniture in your home? thats a hard one....i love my poppazon (sp?) chair....and my couch...but really, my bed is the most comfortable bed in the world...yes. the world.

6. What is most likely to be painted — your toes or your fingers? definatly my toes. the fingernail polish just chips so easily!

7. If I was going to buy you a bottle of Bath and Bodyworks lotion, what scent would you want? i have no idea! dont care really. my new favorite smell is the burts bees complexion mist...it is defiantly an earthy yummy smell...especially mixed with my postpartum B.O.! :)

8. Do you like to nap? If so, how often do you get to during the week? I love to nap. i am averaging about one or two naps a week...i should be napping more with Warren...but thats what i am getting at this point!

9. Do you have a place in your house where you “hide”? A place where you can have a long phone conversation with a friend without interruption? Where is your quiet place? ummm. not really...but i go on the back porch alot to talk on the phone...or whatever. i organized my crafty area yesterday...so that will be my lil space!

10. At this point in your life, are you living the life you imagined back when you were in high school/college? sorta...i am where i wanted to be when i was in high school/college...but now i want more. i am not done yet! :)

11. Would you ever get plastic surgery? What would you have done?
depends. is it free! just kidding...i dont think i would actually.

12. What have you accomplished (besides having children) that you feel most proud of?
being true to myself almost always. following my heart. continuing to dream...

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