02 October 2008

a quick note.

i just had my first bath ALONE since i had warren...it was nice! he typically takes his bath with me for now...its fun...but i needed a little me time....i sat there just reflecting over the last couple days...and i am so very blessed. i knew this already. but really, right now, i feel it more than ever. i have an awesome family. i really appreciate you all so much. thank you for being here for us.

i love you all. very much.


Kim said...

You all mean so much to us !! There is nothing like REAL family ties.We are all so very blessed to have each other.We love you guys and are here pho U always.( hee hee)
Love the FAM !!

Ashley said...

Oh.. the baby is so cute!!! I miss you all so much! Sometime we will for sure come see you, soon!!
oh, by the way my blog is:

michaelendo said...

Hey Ang!!

We miss you guys a lot. We can't wait to meet Warren.

Love ya!

kittykill said...

Hey missy-it was so good to see you the other day and Mr. Warren. I'm thinking about you and the family. Take care.