17 February 2009

my face hurts!

and i am quite sad about it actually! i have myself a bit of a sinus infection...i need me a netty pot!

in other news, i made a fantastic macaroni and cheese this evening for dinner! it was serious goodness. i should have gotten a photograph of it...it was beautious!

i know this blog has sorta turned into the blog about warren and being his momma...i hope yall dont mind! its what i am up to these days! :)

i did recently knit a few stitches to complete a set of four little hats for nicole's boys! i started them about a year and a half ago...go me! *note sarcasm*
now, i just need to sew the seams on the lil brims and they are good to go. i hope they still fit their little noggins!

i found a couple cute patterns for knit soakers i want to make for the speck man. i also want to make him a couple pairs of woolie "longies"...but i havent found the right pattern...i might alter one of the soaker patterns. could work. any ideas anyone?

today, i was thinking about getting coffee with mike and michele at the bipart...i cant wait! and juniors...oh yeah. we have to go to juniors when you get back!

well, i am going to fill the baby up and head myself to bed!


Michele Maule said...

Oh Juniors!! Yuuuuummmmmm!! I seriously need me some Bipartisan and some Juniors.
I need to be careful. I think I might gain 20 pounds when I move back home! Too many good places to eat! Yes!!
Maybe I'll lose 20 pounds before I get home, so that i can stuff my face. Haha. yeah. i don't think that's gonna happen...

Glad to hear your knitting and making stuff. I don't even know what a soaker is so I am no help there..

Only 2 months and a couple of weeks Angie! :D

amy said...

angie! i found the BEST book for you! it's an old book about altering adult clothes to make baby and kid clothes, and while some of them are kinda cheesy, there are some really good ideas! i doubt it's still in print, maybe i'll scan it for you....

amy said...

dear angie, please post!