02 April 2009

busy busy.

so. i have been super busy. sorta. busy being sick with every childhood ailment you can think of with the exception of the chicken pox!

been running around. going to prenatal appointments with lennon and we went to a midwifery roundtable last friday that was super interesting! we have a mama who is due very soon! cant wait! its such an honor to be able to be invited into these folks' lives' as they go through such awesome changes! i really love the families i am meeting! i think of them often!

i have also been workin a bit and hanging with the boy! i should post some new pics soon! warren has cut two teeth recently! he is still trying to learn to crawl...hes almost got it...but he lets himself get so frustrated! so, in the meantime, he is a'rollin all over the place!

we've been trying to go for walks. yesterday we went for one around town. he is silverton's little hambone! everyone loves the lil speckster!

i cant wait for the weather to turn! i want warmth, sunshine and vitamin D! i cant wait to swim in the creek this summer and be outside. it will be so nice!

well, the warren boy is waking up so i must go. but i thought i would give a quick lil update! someone remind me to post my swap items after my partner receives them! i joined a mama/baby swap on craftster. i rec'd a lovely package today that included some wool soakers, a snappie (which i have wanted to try out), a burp cloth, a onesie for the boy and some wipes! oh! and a cute shel silverstein frame! i will try to post pics sometime of what i sent as well! soon.

i hope all is well!

ps. michele! one month! pho baby!


Ashley said...

Look at those beautiful blue eyes! I hope that all is well! Love you both.

amy said...

yyyay, update!! aw, my boy's so cute! (speck's mine, FYI, just like torrin's "my torrin"!)

of COURSE everyone loves him! he's amazing! i'm sorry you've been so sicky though. have durin and speck been sick too, or just you?

i'm so excited for you, and so proud of you, with all your midwifin' stuff. the world needs more angies!

and i can't wait to see what you made for the swap, i'm so glad you're crafting again!

Kim said...

SO CUTE !!! I miss you guys.