04 June 2009

oh my goodness. its been a long time!

so at the request of kim, i am posting again! so sorry that i havent been keeping up! there is a ton of stuff going on and this is the last thing i think of to do! i need a good kick in the behind....and like 500 hours in a day.

anyhow! just in this week alone i have attended the birth of a new baby boy, gotten a skin tag removed (tmi i know!), found out i dont have melanoma/cancer on my boob, saw anthony bourdain (mmmmm delicious!), rearranged the living room, ate super awesome mexican food for lunch today and did the day to day stuff too!

warren has grown a ton since that last post...i am sorry. we went from his first toothies to having six now! hes got his two bottom teeth and four of his uppers! big boy! he is ten months old today! i just cant believe it at all. he is "toddling" now...he creeps along furniture and is attempting to stand for brief periods of time all by his onesie! hes totally crawling his bad self all over the house...we had to child proof the cupboards...fun times! hes gone swimming at the pool, gotten his very own lil baby pool, is eating lots of different and fun foods, he learned how to pout (i die laughing every time its so cute!)! we take lots of walks in the stroller through town....but not today...that storm put a little damper on that plan! oh! and his hair is cuuuuurly! heehee! anyhow, i am sure there is much much more i am forgetting to post here....but you get the gist of it.

i will seriously try to post more here...its been crazy! i dont even know if anyone really reads it anymore....i know kim does though! woot!

one last thing: my new favorite website----www.bakingbites.com
check it out. it looks tasty!


Michele Maule said...

So cute Angie!! I still read your blog, even though we live closer now! Whoohoo!!

Kim said...

Sooo,Awesome Love all the pictures.
He is growing so fast, and he is well..SOOO CUTE
Thanks for the update.

satansflaminghairplugs said...

I often check in.
I'm happy to see new pictures of Warren.

angie said...

who are you?

the Provident Woman said...

How cute! I love the watermelon picture. Let's see how big of a bite I can get.

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