29 September 2009

i crafted.

so! i was in a swap on craftster for the first time in a really long time. it was a bird themed swap! i had a really great partner! i just thought i would share what i made! the package inclueded a neat little hand towel, oven mitt, and woodburned cooking utensils....as well as a little pair of birdie earrings and a fun little trinket bird....i love the bird material i used for this! so fun!

as for today, warren and i had a date night...we went out to dinner at super pho in salem...which, i must tell you, is amazingly delicious....there, warren managed to get noodles ALL over him...he had them in his socks! and smashed into his butt! after our amazing pho, we went to hancocks to get some fabric for warrens halloween costume! and then of course we had to go to a couple places to run errands after that....all in all it was a great day!

this summer phasing into fall is kinda nice! although i am not used to having cold feet! i am not a sock person....unless they are nice handknit cozy socks...for wearing around the house! i do hope i can find time to knit a bit...but i have alot on my lil plate so we will see!


Chelsea said...

This stuff is awesome! What did you make? I'm loving the transition into Fall. I do feel the same about socks though- I'm a sandal mama. I find it tedious trying to find two socks that match.

Angie said...

i made the set in the last posted pics, the utensils i woodburned...and a little pair of earrings...