12 January 2010

i cant wait

for summer!!! i wish it was summer all the time. year round. for being an oregonian i kinda suck at liking the rain, the drizzle, the grey...however, on my behalf i will tell you that i dont use umbrellas....so i still count as an oregonian. right!?

i just miss being outside more. doing stuff. being warm. i am a tank top and birkenstock gal for sure...and i think i am more becoming as a sun-kissed golden person rather than a pale mole! (i always feel like a mole when the sun comes out...all squinty eyed....). i want to be somewhere warm. anyone wanna throw some air miles my way? hmmmmm?

and i realllllly miss the produce. the fruit and berries. the selection sucks at the market right now. i also miss the music that summer seems to have lots of....the festivals in the park. the back deck music playing while enjoying a tasty libation! or swimming at the creek with nowhere to have to be!

these are my ideas of summer. i heart summer.
i am tired of my wool socks.

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Heather said...

You should come to Nicaragua! It is perpetually summer. I went swimming in the river in my pueblo last week! And it's almost mango season! Additionally, Nicaragua is super child-friendly, so Warner and Durin would be great here, too!