03 January 2008

day off......and some random pics!

it snowed here just the other day! it was pretty cool!

a bird friend....

the above picture is kellys boy Owen! they came over to visit about a week ago! he is very drooly and cute!

so, my speck is about 9.5 weeks....it is the size of a big martini olive (mmmmm, dirty martini)....a little over an inch! wheeee! everyone keeps asking if i am feeling ok....i must look like crap! :) because generally i feel ok....i had one week of real queasiness...but i consumed food like no other to keep it at bay.....it worked splendidly! now, i dont have any quease really, unless i get reeeeaaaal hungry.....my only real symptom at the moment is narcolepsy! i can fall asleep if i blink wrong! the couch is my dearest friend and worst enemy right now...if i sit on it...i sleep. so, i just cant sit on the couch right now!

today, i have the day off, thank goodness! and this day off is all to myself....i just made myself a lovely garlic tomato and basil frittata and it was delicious! i need to clean the house fo shizzle! i have alot of stuff to get done on the computer as well, as our internets were down for a bit (we forgot to pay the bill)....

i will try to post more....i pinky swear....i know a blog where there are no new posts is really boring to read.....so yeah, i will try!


Michele Maule said...

You call that snow Angie!?
You haven't seen snow until you see it in Michigan. It's only January, and I am already looking forward to June when I don't have to look at snow anymore...plus it's 17 degrees out. Ouch.

I was just thinking that you have to send some pics of your belly when you start to show. I wanna see!

evil aunt no. 1 said...

What does fo shizzle mean?
No, really, I don't know