05 January 2008

i like having a blog...

today was kind of a lame day. i went to work....on the mother/baby unit...i was exhausted....and i only worked for five hours....but, i didnt get ANY sleep last night...not a wink. i just laid there. bah.

last night, nicole, nate, durin and i went and saw "i am legend"....now, i am by no means a movie critic...i like shittastic movies...i like chick flicks...i like all types of movies if i am in the mood for them at the moment.....now this movie was just ok. it wasnt bad nor was it good. one thing really bothered me about it....they kept repeating the same bob marley song over and over....there are so many good bob marley songs....i mean really...why did they decide to repeat the same one over and over....it just bugged me. thats all i have to say about that.

i think i found a midwife that i may use....she seems cool...she has pink bits in her hair...and her birthing philosophy is similar to mine i think! i will be meeting with her for a consult next saturday at 2pm. today, i am 10 weeks. pretty kewl eh! (michele, i will start getting belly pictures for you pretty soon...my tummy is nothin special just yet!)...i am seriously contemplating a home birth....i know some people might think its crazy...but i think that if a pregnancy has no high risk factors and everything is going smoothly, that it is a normal thing that can occur in ones own home....plus, i know too much. and i dont like the factory-line birthing process that happens in hospital....so, we will see...i will meet with her and see if we click and if its something that will work for me! and durin of course!

ok. i am once again being hypnotized by the couch....i. must. lay. down.

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Michele Maule said...

Mikey and I went to see I am Legend too a few weeks ago. Yeah. The first part seemed pretty cool, then it just got lame from the middle to the end.

I think that would be rad if you had a home birth. Hospitals just seem so cold. 10 weeks! I can't wait to see you at 7 months! :)