17 January 2008

the lunchbag that stayed at work.

i pretty much had the awesomest day at work today, with the exception of leaving my fancy new lunchbag (made by the one and only Lori!!!) in the fridge in the break room....(i actually JUST remembered this now...wayyyyy late.)
i had my 6 month eval. it went quite well. although, i dont get a raise til a year...but that is typical at this hospital. they dont do raises until then....i do however, get a cost of living raise in april...how cool is that!!
so, you know how i was wishing for 8 hour shifts a post or two back, well, my wish came true. it was someone else's misfortune, but i landed their position....it includes three 8 hour shifts and one 12 hour shift a week. this, folks, will be better for me....as i have self diagnosed myself with Pregnancy Induced Narcolepsy with secondary Retardation as of late....and being at work for more than 8 hours at a time seems to exacerbate the symptoms....so, my new schedule actually starts next week! i cant believe how lucky i am...and how awesome my boss was to offer me the position!
on top of all that, i felt really good about my day, as i had a difficult one yesterday....as a new nurse, i feel like a real truly good day is hard to come by....not because being a nurse is horrible or anything...but someday...sooner than later i hope....i will go one day without feeling dumb....but thats a whole other topic to chat about some other day....today was a decent day....its too bad about my lunch bag though.


Michele Maule said...

Someone else's misfortune? That sounds a little suspicious to me Angie....

Cute lunch bag! I'm happy that you got some shorter shifts. I can't imagine working that many hours in a day, and being pregnant. I don't know how you nurses do it. I'd be so cranky.

adrienne... said...

Ahhh... New nurse-ness. Isn't it fun? I am finally feeling somewhat OK about going to work most days, and I've only been a nurse for a year and a half. When will we ever feel truly confident?? (found your blog via craftster, by the way.)