17 January 2008

my head hurts.

i finished up some thrift store shopping today...it was fun. for a while.

i really dont have much to write right now.....

we are going to the beach either tonight or tomarrow morning....we are going there for the second coming of christmas with my family....it should be lovely. i have missed my grandma. i need to remember to pack my camera and my new birding binoculars that durin got me for christmas! and lots of warm clothes....i cant seem to get warm today!

i just decided that i need a cute banner for my blog...and i am totally inept...i dont have a clue how to make them...and really, honestly, dont wanna learn....so, hear my cry mighty blog gods!!! or mikey....or michele....*hint hint*.

alright...i am gonna go lounge on the couch...until durin gets home. which will just be a few minutes i am sure....i hope you all have a lovely weekend!


michaelendo said...

Birding Binoculars? I didn't know that you had a fowl obsession.

banners are easy. Michele can make you one.

Michele Maule said...

Oh yeah!
If you want me to. Or you can do it. Let me know. :) Other wise, I would use photoshop, or Illustrator. You can upload images into Photoshop then tweek them to make the banner how you want it to look. You can add text and colors. I should make one for mine...then I think you just save the file and under the customize section of blogger you upload the banner in. You might have to mess around with sizes. It took me awhile to get my Etsy banner to work, and it still looks a little fuzzy.

Michele Maule said...

It's time for a new blog!
I tagged you for a survey!
Read my blog to find out :P

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.