31 January 2008

my pants dont fit.

no siree, they dont. i think i need to buy more skirts for the belly. i really need to get my belly pics started...or i will regret that i wont have any. perhaps tonight....

anyhow, i have been pretty busy at work. i did, however, have the day off today and that was lovely. i sat at the coffee shop and chilled. it was nice. i also joined a gym. so i will go there tomarrow...perhaps they will have an assmaster3000! i also cleaned the mountain of clothes that had accumulated on my side of the bed. i decided yesterday, that durin has had his side of the bed for far too long. i think its time we switched!

i dont really have anything too exciting to post....but that i am gaining weight as i should be...but it is kinda depressing not being able to wear pants that i have worn for forever. its just weird. oh yeah....we saw the midwife a few days ago! it was cool...but Speck wouldnt entertain us with his/her heartbeat.....alas, next time. i will go again to the midwife in a little less than a month and then we will make an appt. to have the ultrasound....we are basicly just getting it so we can have the cool picture! we wont be finding out the sex of our baby....because we like making yall wait! oh yeah!!! i got the most awesome pin from michele in the mail yesterday!!! it states "i am so crafty i make people!" and has the raddest preggo lady on it....i am going to attach it to my current favorite scarf! thank you michele!!! durin totally giggled at the pin! and i, of course, love it!

alright, i am burning my chili....i will try to get pregnant belly pics tonight!!!!

michele done tagged me...and wants amos to fill out this questionaire....amos misses michele and mikey....and beggin in their kitchen.....

AMOS says:
What are your 5 favorite songs?
1: Black Dog by Led Zeppelin
2: Back in Black by AC/DC
3: Black by Pearl Jam
4: Paint it Black by the Stones
5: anything by Tori Amos...cuz we have the same name.

What are your 5 favorite toys?
1: my fuzzy bone...before i destroy it.
2: the remains of all my old fuzzy bones.
3: my duck
4: i used to have a hedgehog
5: my leash...cuz it means we are going for a walk.

What are your 5 favorite things to eat?
1: I heart Cheese.
2: anything off the floor
3: pizza
4: beer
5: anything really.

What are your 5 favorite activites?
1: laying here.
2: swimming
3: begging
4: laying my head on my fuzzy bone
5: barking out the front window....which annoys durin and angie.

What are your 5 bad habits?
1: uhhhh. begging.
2: barking out the front window
3: running up on people
4: trying to get on the couch
5: more begging.


Evil aunt # 1 said...

Post those pics!!
Mom, (gma) saw you in the shower and said, "yep. She's pregnant!"
What if the cool US pic shows the gender. Ya not going to look?

Michele Maule said...

You got the pin!
I thought of you when I saw it:)

angie said...

no way ...i am not lookin at the bits in the u/s pic! heehee!