13 January 2008


i am feeling quite lazy as one should feel on sundays...but i have to get my butt offa the couch and go to costco...durin is out of activia....and we better watch out if he runs out! :)
i will be getting yummy crap food to cook in my deep fryer....perhaps i will get a huge jar of mayo...for no reason....last time it was a huge body-pillow sized bag of pretzels...they are now waaaay beyond stale at this point. i love costco.

later, i am going to take a walk with nicole...if the weather stays decent....i have my budonkadonk to worry about...why do you need to gain weight in your ass when you are growing a lil human...i just dont see the point....i can understand in the belly...but not the ass.
michele, i need the assmaster3000 now.

i just finished the handmaids tale for the second time. i really think its an awkward book to read when pregnant....but is definatly still one of my favorite books....its so freaky.

oh yeah, michele, i did read the time travelers wife and i loved it! thank you for loaning it to me! what a great book.

ok. i have absolutly nothing else to write about...i work tomarrow and i am not looking forward to it....i wish i worked eight hour shifts. for real. my tummy feels empty...i think i need taco time.


Michele Maule said...

Mmm Taco Time. Why aren't there any good Mexican restaurants here? The closest thing we have is Baja Fresh. I miss El Burrito Loco.

Dude, stay away from the Crunchmaster. That thing seriously KICKED my ass! The Bally's here is so much more awesomer than then one we went to. It has like 30 Eliptical machines and you can buy smoothies there. yeah. Way cooler.

I'm glad you liked the Time Traveler's Wife. That's one of my favorites. You should also read We Thought You'd Be Prettier, by Laurie Notaro and The Idiot Girls Action Adventure Guide, also by Laurie Notaro. Seriously some of the funniest books I have ever read. I cried. Literally. Tears came streaming from my eyes.

K. Trinks said...

I can mail you We Thought You'd Be Prettier, if Michele okays it. I am borrowing it from her, but I bet it's okay to mail it to you instead of her and then to you?

angie said...

that would be swell!!!!

NiRosha K said...

Ahhh the joys of tacos! WAnd don't get me starte don badunkadunk! My waist to hip ratio is apalling! Luckily my husband wouldn't have it any other way. But if you DO come across an assmaster 3000, send me the link, so I can order one. I'll hide it at owrk and secretly use it, and BAM! I'll be lookin like Shakira in no time! love the blog!

angie said...
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angie said...

thanks nirosha k! i will be sure to let you know when i find an assmaster3000....thanks for checkin out my blog!