11 January 2008

i am 29.

turning 29 was no large feat. i worked that day...and my lovely charge nurse let me off at 3pm so i could go have birthday dinner. i called jeremy, kelly and tiffany to see if they wanted to meet for an impromptu birfday dinner....we all met at pho vinh in portland. my most favoritest place.....we ate pho. then we proceeded to pix patisserie and had lovely desserts....it was delicious. and simple...and i got deliciously full. it was almost perfect....i think though, that last year for my birthday, we did about the same thing...but it involved mikey and michele....and probably more drinking....it was lacking both this time....but alas...i still made it to 29.

i like 29...its a prime number you know!


michaelendo said...

Happy birthday. I wish we could have been there. At least you'll be able to drink at our wedding. I want some Pho from pho vinh. Do you think it's possible to mail soup?

Michele Maule said...

OMG- I would seriously kill for some Pho Vinh right now. And Pix!!!!
God, you just reminded me how much I miss home...

I'm glad you had a great Birthday. Well as great as it can be without Mikey, me, and beer :)

Did you get my e-mail?

evil aunt no 1 said...

You must show me the good places in Pland. Do you get up there a lot, cause ya know, I am movin there. I need folks to show me around. I am sure it has changed since 1978

angie said...

Aunt C,
i will totally show you the ropes! wheee!

first stop, pho noodle soup! mmmmm. so good.