26 February 2008

i got big headphones!

yes. yes. i got big headphones! they rock actually. my friend lori is calling them "speck phones" cuz i can wear them on my belly....speck will be enjoying some bob marley for sure!

i made the ultrasound appointment this morning! i will be going in for that on thursday, march 6th at 8 am. i am excited...but i dont want the ultrasound technician to mess up and accidently tell us what the sex is....i have heard of them slipping up on that....i wonder if you can sue for that! haa!

we are basicly just going to get the ultrasound for the pictures....vain. yes.

i am organizing a pregnant and newborn swap on craftster! i should get some fun stuff...and i have some great ideas for my partner as well! should be fun!

not much else to write...except that my big headphones rule. that is all.