23 February 2008

i am eating a pickle.

i need to go to costco again and get the jar of mega-pickles...i am almost out!

yesterday, we did go to see the midwife! annnnnnnnd we heard the heartbeat! durin actually heard it and recognized it first cuz i was too busy holding my breath! it was very cool hearing it for the first time. i have heard other peoples babies in utero...but it is definatly different when its in you.....it made me all grinny! durin thinks that the heartbeat sounds like the alien detector in the movie "aliens"......he is kinda right about that....

the top of my uterus reaches up to my belly button....i have money on where the placenta has placed itself....i think it is on the front right upper portion of the uterus....we will see if i am right when we get an ultrasound.

we can make the ultrasound appointment on monday morning! i am really excited.....i am going to try to get digital pictures to email to those of you that are far away!

so far, so good! there have not been any real issues with this whole baby havin' thang.....(knock on wood)....i hope it stays that way! i am four months and one week...today. Speck is roughly 5.5 inches from the top of its head to its butt! i should start to feel it anytime from now to a couple weeks from now.....how cool is that....and kinda weird. i will keep y'all posted!

happy baby!


Jean said...

I can't wait 'til you feel Speck kickin' around...hehe! That is so cool.

So happy for you two ~ luv ya much!

Michele Maule said...

There's a baby growing inside you!
You're a host for a little creature! You're a pod Angie! :) Weird. I can't wait to see the ultrasound!!!

Anonymous said...

Careful with that ultrasound! You might see a little penis and the cat will be out of the bag!