21 February 2008

more belly. more craft.

so, back by popular demand...here is another belly shot...yes, i am wearing all black again...it is slimming you know! dresses and skirts are my new bestest friends...jeans are pokey and irritating. i have another appt. with my midwife tomarrow. perhaps this seamonkey will grace us with its lil' speedy heartbeat for once....if not...i think i will worry this time. i think i will have my ultrasound next week. we ARE NOT finding out the sex of this seamonkey if we can help it! so, you will have to wait! heehee! did you know, my uterus is the size of a small melon at the moment! cool huh!
so, i made some earrings the other day....and i had to make some for myself! i actually like them! now, i need to figure an outfit to wear em with! they are made with leather and beads...obviously. i like them because they are kinda eighties bohemian hippy style...oh yeah!

not up to much else. just going to work and taking care of sick chitlins...its RSV season...so the pediatric unit is hoppin'! i am still loving my eight hour shifts! i just found out the other day that my aunt caroline (hi!) got a job at the same hospital as me in the ER! how cool is that! i will have someone to meet for lunch....that is if we actually get a lunch! but really, i am excited! it means she is moving up this way from ashland! Speck has a great auntie! heehee!

well, i am off to get a massage...this is the life! then, after that, i am going to pop in my earbuds, sport my new sunglasses and take a walk at the Oregon Garden...i want to see if any crocii (crocuses?) have popped up there!

i hope you all are having a lovely day!


Michele Maule said...

Yay! Angie belly!

How was the midwife meeting? Have th flowers started to poke their heads uo yet? We still have snow on the ground, and it looks like we might get more on monday :( I want warm weather....

michaelendo said...

wow. I didn't think anyone actually went to the Oregon Garden.

I miss being about to see the ground.

Anonymous said...

I want to go to the Oregon Garden! Do they allow dogs?