18 March 2008

cupcakes in my noggin. and a mei tai.

i cant get cupcakes outta my head. i want cupcakes...but not just any old cupcakes...they need to be delicious cupcakes from Saint Cupcake in p-town. salem pretty much sucks.....if you know of any delicious cupcake having places in salem please text me up....or tell me here.

good god. i really am in love with a cupcake. are there cupcake subscriptions...? i think if i decide not to be a nurse (which is becoming more and more likely every day) i will go into the cupcake subscription business....whatever happened to that online delivery business....what was it? kozmo.com? i bet they would have cupcakes.

so, on another note (that has nothing to do with cupcakes)....i had the hankerin to make a mei tai today....what is a mei tai you ask! it is a baby carrier....i have practically finished it and it is (to quote my friend nicole) fancy! all i need to do is top stitch it tomarrow morning and its all done! i just need to find a baby or a large kitty to practice on! (i am not so sure limubai would be up for the job....if i can convince him, i WILL get pictures!)...

i also made a ring sling a couple weeks ago for a swap....but alas the swap partner didnt work out...and now i am stuck with a sparkly purple ring sling...if you or anyone you know likes purple and would like to have my ring sling...its all yours....oh! i have to share the best part about this ring sling....i got the rings in the cattle section of the feed store here in town...they are hefty! i dont know why, but craftin' with cattle rings makes me giggle.....

oh! if you are cool like me, you will go to your netflix and instantly watch "the business of birth"....fantastic video...one of the most amazing birth vids i have ever seen. i am so so so happy with my choice to go with a homebirth....(like i had to think real hard about it)....i am so content. and after watching that movie...i love ricki lake. she rocks. i liked her before...especially in "cry-baby"....i digress....this documentary really is one that every woman should watch...so, go!

i am now going to bed....to dream of cupcakes and babies.
(sorry this post was so spastic! its late...and i want cupcakes)


Michele Maule said...

Angie. I have four words for you on the cupcake situation.

Fat Daddy Bake Shop.

It's a shop on Etsy, and she has THE best cupcakes ever. Ever. They come in cute little mason jars too.

I don't think she has any in her shop right now. She's pregnant and opening a real shop, but when she has them back, you need to order some.

sweets4ever said...

I want cupcakes now, too. :(

I can't wait to see your carrier! Photos yet?

Luv ya!

Radical Midwife said...

Hi Angie!

Yeah, Salem does pretty much suck in the way of good eats. I hope you get your cupcake that you have been craving, though. ;)