01 April 2008

its been quite some time.

so, since the last post here, we have moved---again! nicole is now my neighbor! my belly is getting big (for some reason i am unable to upload my pics at the moment)...

we are still in silverton...just now we really are on the outskirts of town in the country...it is lovely...except the roosters that wake us every morning. we now live on a pond with lots-o-fowl around. there are goats out on the island in the middle of the pond. the dogs seem to like it here!

my aunt caroline came to stay with us while her house sells in Ashland and that has been cool! well, with the exception that old dog brody died the morning after they got here. brody was an old man dog...he was a very good happy loving being and it is sad that he isnt around...poor boy.

there is alot for us to do here...its just "where do we start"....and i am so up and down with nausea at the moment that i cant do anything...or make any damn decisions!

anyhow, i know that i have more to write about...but i am going to head to portland to get sticky rice and papaya at Owajimaya and perhaps call a friend for coffee.

i will try more to keep this blog updated....we have been without internets til yesterday so i really couldnt update at all til now.


Jean said...

Wheee! So happy that you're back online. I'm glad that you got all moved and now you can "nest"!

Michele Maule said...

I need your new address Angie! :)
I'm glad you found a new house so quickly.