04 March 2008

last weekend!

i had a blast last weekend! i got to hang with my ladies amy, pam, and miranda! and of course old man pederson and the old durbucket as well. we went all over ptown to yarn stores, craft stores, baby stores, fabric stores...and antique stores...we did alot of shopping. i have to say that i didnt buy as much as i wanted to! but i got my fair share of fun stuff! and i have fallen in love with a cupcake. fo' real.
mark and pam are seriously the most gracious hosts'....i want to send em a big old shout out! wooot!

as for this week, i worked yesterday and today....i am a bit tired. the tiredness is weird with this whole baby carrying thing....its like a "hard" tired....it hits ya. hard. i dont think i have felt "tired" like this before....its really uncontrollable and theres no turning back once you feel that weird restless tired feeling...all you can do is submit to it....i missed the end of 'no country for old men' last friday night because of 'the tired'....that was a damn long movie to sit through just to fall asleep at the very ending....what a waste.....

one more thing on my agenda this week: no one informed me that pregnancy causes you to pee yourself....yeah yeah. i am a nurse i shoulda known....but this early in the game?! i have to really concentrate on NOT peeing when i cough....which has proven to be difficult as i have had a horrid cough for about two weeks now...so yeah. i know all that is a little too much information...if only someone wouldve warned me! its the least i can do for others before they too get stuck in the leg squenching predicament i am finding myself in!

i hope you are all having a good week....and not peeing YOURselves.


Anonymous said...

You better be taking your prenatal vitimens. Don't make me come up there! Too late, I already am. Work starts 4/4.

Michele Maule said...

Ewww Angie...
Yeah a little TMI.
Well, at least now I have something to look forward to when I get pregnant! Peeing myself and being uncontrollably tired. Wow. Good times!

NiRosha K said...

Yeahh I'm sooo looking forward to peeing myself! lol. NOT! One of m crafty friend said she laughs when she sees pregnant people stop to sneeze...Now I get it! lol

Resident Squint said...

What really helps for the accidental peeing is an exercise commonly known as Kliegel that you can do anywhere. Next time you go to the bathroom to really pee, pee for a while, then clench your lower muscles to stop the pee. Once you figure out which of your lower muscles do the stopping (not your butt muscles), you can then exercise this muscle anytime (even when you're not peeing). Just squeeze and hold for a 5 count to start, then work your up to a 10 count. Nobody knows you're exercising, and it'll help you regain muscle tone in the area after birth. (And it'll make your partner real happy!)

kittykill said...

I'm so glad you had a good time. My and OMP love having you and OMD (old man Durin) over. You can come play and have cupcakes anytime!

Anonymous said...

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