09 March 2008

Please say hello to Speck!

so, last thursday we got to see speck for the first time! it was pretty much the coolest thing ever! ever! we got to watch him/her for a little over an hour....what a squirmy lil bugger! its amazing that i dont feel the movement yet (although, i think i am starting to more and more). i just included three of the best pictures for now...we also got a really cool video of it to take home where you can see him/her swallowing, arching and moving around...so cool. i cant stop watching it!

i cant seem to upload the actual video for your viewing pleasure....but i sure would like to...i tried everything i know how to do...they made it in a funky format...but alas, i will show it to you in person if you ask!

i realized today that i am almost 5 months....this is going by so fast! its crazy!


Michele Maule said...

Angie that is soooo AWESOME!!!

OMG!!! I am freaking out. God, I wish Mikey was at home to freak out with me!!!!

That is so coooool!
Yo have to have a YouTube account, then post it on YouTube, and then you can post the video on your blog...

EEEEEE!!!!! I love that it is giving the thumbs up. HAhA!!
yay angie I am so excited for you.

michaelendo said...

cool beans mommy-o!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Speck, You have your mom's nose! Keep on kickin.

Jean said...

Ahhh.. I'm so happy for you guys. SO happy! I can't wait to meet Speckalicious!

Anonymous said...

More! Post more!

Anonymous said...

Wait! Do I see a little penis?