29 April 2008


heres some pics for yall! i hope you like!
the goofy belly pic was a pic i took to show off my tunic made by my lovely friend and soul sistah miss amy! isnt it rad! she is probably one of the best seamstresses ever! i think i have a link to her blog if you are interested in more of her work...she is really a crafty gal!

the speck pendant was sent to me by another crafterrific friend of mine named lothruin (whom i dont have a link for....the shame) whos specialty is jewelry...isnt it awesome....i love it and thought it should be shared! thank you loth!

and the other pics were just taken around the property....you can check out my awesome maternity jeans! woot! ;) they actually are a godsend. i love goodwill!

oh, and i want to say thank you to kim for the puzzle toys and the maternity trousers! thanks!!!! :)

lets see. as for an update....i am about 26 and a half weeks pregnant....speck moves ALOT...sometimes, mostly in the car, the movement makes me giggle out loud...when i am all by myself....it is that much. in the same breath though, the old speckster is stubborn...when other people try to feel for the movement, he/she clams up!!! i dont know why...its weird....stubborn lil bugger!

my belly is getting bigger and bigger....thats really all there is too it!

oooooh. the goats out on the island here are pregnant...and, according to nicole, are ready to pop! i think i may try to make goat cheeeeeese!!! with the guidance of my aunt susan perhaps! mmmmmmmm. cheeeeese.

ok. i am hungry. i need to go stuff my face!


Michele Maule said...


There are two of you!!
You're multiplying!!

You look so beautiful Angie :)

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

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