28 April 2008

eggling round 2

meet eggling number two. this is a basil eggling that is actually growing! i love it. i found a little shop in salem that sold them and i couldnt resist....again. if you remember, i killed the last one....by placing it next to a cold window too soon and forgetting to water it....i am really good at killing plants...just ask my grandma...she is still saving an orchid i almost murdered.....its still in recovery....what like two years later....

the new eggling came with a lil seed packet so i used it in both the new egg and the old one....and the above pic is what i have so far! they both live by the sink so i remember to water them! they are adorable! michele, did you grow yours?

i will be bloggin more and more...i found my camera cord and have some photos to upload....but i dont want to inundate yall with random pics...i feel like a few pics per blog post is enough at one time....so, i will be trying to spread em out a bit!

enjoy my lil eggling!

1 comment:

Michele Maule said...

I need to plant mine.
I'll do that tomorrow.
I'm writing it in my planner right now.

I have to have a planner now. I'm that important :) haha.

Pictures will follow soon!!