20 April 2008

things i miss.

i miss car bombs. and a good beer. and sleeping completely on my belly. having tummy muscles.

i woke up with the milkshake song in my head....so i changed it up a bit and sang "my yogurt...is better than yours. damn right. its better than yours" to durin all through breakfast....i must say it was fun. he likes eating is activia....and i explained to him that tillamook yogurt has all the same live cultures to "regulate" as the activia does....and it tastes better and you get two ounces more per container....how can you beat that!?! plus...a bacteria called bifidus regularis just cracks me up! go jamie lee curtis!

in other news, we went to the midwife yesterday...lennon, my midwife's apprentice felt specks lil bod...he/she was hanging out in breech position....which is fine for now! heart beat was good. my blood pressure is rockin! our appointments are mostly just chit chatting and hangin out...we measured my fundus yesterday! what is a fundus you say?! its the top of the uterus...and you measure from the pubic bone to the top of the uterus...mine is 21 cm right now....in case you care!

we also went to the pancake house yesterday...best place in salem if you ask me! it was delicious....

we went for a walk around the pond yesterday as well...it was nice. i took some pictures but cant find my camera cord at the moment...so of course, you'll have to come back sometime and check em out.

over all it was a good weekend....i am going to bonnie's baby shower today...should be fun to see everyone!!! (i am hopin' and a'prayin that we arent going to do the diaper choco bar sniffin game today....please god no....)
mikey and michele, you guys wouldnt happen to be coming home for any reason in june wouldya? i am thinking of doing a shower then.....?

i hope all yalls weekend was a good one filled with pancakes and raining cotton....(yes. its snowing here today....weird).


Michele Maule said...

Mikey is going to be playing teacher to high school kids in June. It looks like we are definitely going to be back at the end of August though!!

I have been thinking, just thinking, that maybe I would come home at the beginning of August...and stay the whole month. I am just not sure I could stand living with Cam AND Jeremy for that long. :)

But for sure we will see you, Durin, and Speck this summer!! :)
Lots of hugs Angie. I am glad that you and Speck are healthy and happy :)

michaelendo said...

Angie...I'm in the dark here.

What the hell is the choco bar diaper sniffing game?

sweetness said...

Can't wait to see your pictures! I don't think I've seen any pictures of your new place. I miss my Angers pictures!!

I ate a Dilly bar from Dairy Queen over the weekend. Do you have those there? lol, it was so evil, but delicious in the hot spring air.