17 April 2008

random stuff

hey everyone.
i havent posted in a little bit...so, here i am....i have just been coming and going to and from work...fun stuff. my belly is growing by the day and speck is a lil acrobat in there....i think he or she is going to be a very active baby in the mornings and in the later evenings....thats about the times i feel movement the most!

today, i am meeting a gal in salem who is giving me a jogging stroller that i scored off of freecycle! yay for freecycle!

i am also going to scout out some cheap clothes to wear perhaps at value village or the like...

last weekend we had family over to the new house for barbeque action...it was super actually. good times. good foods! and good weather! cant beat that!

i havent really been craftin' or knittin' or anything as i lack motivation (any ideas to cure this problem) and i havent organized the space for it. i did get a baby registry together but i am unsure if it is the only one i am going to use...there is only babies-r-us...and it is a huge baby comglomerate (sp?)....i might make an online wish list as well so folks have options! :)

we are thinking of baby shower in late june or early july. i think its just going to be barbeque style hangin out...as i dont really want to participate in chocolate bar diaper sniffing if i dont have to....you girls know what i am talking about....its lame.

i see the midwife this saturday! probably just the usual checkin in! we are only a few months away. i cant believe it! i just cant believe it....

well, that is all for now. i know i am slacking on photos....especially in the belly department...i will get some as soon as i can!


sweetness said...

Wheee!! I love when you blog!

So after reading all about these freakin' jogging strollers, I saw one on OUR Freecycle! I freaked out & was so excited and then some other momma beat me to it. I'm so bummed.

Your baby shower sounds exactly like what we want... I wish we lived closer to yas!

Blah...I'm just babbling. Thanks for being my belly buddy!

amy said...

ooh!! have the shower in late june, i want to come! (yes, i'm inviting myself!)
in july i'm housesitting, so i won't be able to get away for a whole weekend...