25 May 2008

fetoscope. fetoscope

i was laying on the couch just a few minutes ago....and was feelin around my belly. i am getting really good at figuring out where speck is lying and which parts are his/her lil rump and back and such....my midwife gave me a fetoscope to borrow and up until now i hadnt heard specks heartbeat with it that i know of....but i plopped it right where i thought specks upper back was and there was the lil fast heartbeat! sooooo cooooooool! durin got to listen too! hes all grinny!

i like using the fetoscope because it is the real heartbeat noise rather than the fake whoosh whoosh of the doppler! and i have it here at home! how freakin coooool.

just thought i would share. (the pic above isnt of us using the fetoscope....just so ya know! we were trying to hear speck with our stethoscopes...to no avail!)

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