24 May 2008

seven irrelevent things...

i was tagged by miss michele....and now i must answer life's most important question!

what are 7 irrelevent things about you? are they interesting? who knows. i will just choose at random. here we go.

number one: (caroline knows this only because she lives with me now) i have a serious aversion to blue M&Ms. like. seriously. i put them back in the bag and ask others to eat them. whatever ever happened to the baby poop brown one that the blue one replaced....that one was perfectly fine thank you.

number two: one of my serious crushes in my teen years was norm abram from "this old house". nancy and i used to watch norm because he was super cool. norm rules!

number three: i have an iphone. and i love my iphone. you are jealous. i know it. although i have almost killed myself using my iphone whilst texting nicole in the car...not the best idea.

number four: someday, i would like to move to nashville. i have never been there but i seriously know i love it. i really want to visit dollywood...and plan to. memphis would be cool to visit as well. who can resist graceland baby. maybe i was born to be a country singer....a country crooner or what have you....where are my cowboy boots?! i love my cowboy boots, which reminds me, i seriously need to get speck some cowboy boots! :)

number five: i took a nap today. after having slept in. and playing wii fit and my wii agatha christie game...it was a lovely nap. i havent done a damn thing today!

number six: i hate ketchup. like, really hate ketchup. the one really bad thing about disneyland, when i went there, was the unnending smell of ketchup. what the hell is that? the perpetual smell of kid? i mean really. kids should smell like something other than ketchup! i dont understand the kid/ketchup relationship. i am crossing my fingers that speck will never come into contact with ketchup....yeah right. maybe organic real ketchup is better...anyone know?

and lastly,

number seven: i used to have a guinea pig named mister pig. he was a cute ruddy red guinea pig with the squeaks that could melt your lil guinea pig lovin' heart. he died tragicly during the spring break quake of 1993....poor mister pig.

so, there you have it. seven irrelevent things about me.....brought to you today by the color blue....and the number 7!

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