07 May 2008

happy belated midwives day!

ok. so i was bloggin' and of course i checked out my midwives blog a bit ago...and i learned that i missed midwives day....so, if you're reading this pam and lennon: speck, durin and i want to shout out "happppppppy midwive's day! you rock and you are both very inspiring to us and to many others as well!" woot!

for those of your that are interested, you can check out an interview with my midwife here. it might give those of you who think i am "being a rebel/crazy/hippie/insertanythingyouwanthere" some enlightenment...or ease your fears....or something. i know that the more i read and educate myself on the issues surrounding birth and birth options i am encouraged by my midwive's thoughts and eased by her trust in birth....

i really wish more people had open minds...and the people i am really talking about are my peers at work. they seriously look at me like i am insane when i tell them that i am not delivering in hospital (especially not in the hospital i work at)...the NICU nurses especially like to attempt to scare the shit out of me when i tell them that i am going to birth at home. i seriously had one nurse tell me that she "was there when a midwife was bagging a baby on her lap all the way into the NICU....and she did it ALL WRONG....etc.etc." first, this pissed me off because she hinted that it could be MY midwife....secondly, what the hell is the midwife going to do....not rescusitate the child....i dont give a crap if its in her lap....she was maintaining life support for that baby....gahd!!! these folks, these peers, that really think i am crazy need to step back and really evaluate their own fears. i dont think they have it within themselves to really trust what they are capable of. true gumption to go against what we have been told...against what has been ingrained into our own thinking by society, by rules, by regulations...regarding our bodies and our capacities.

i could share more craptastic things that OB docs and other nurses have said (or not said) and or implied when i told them that i was homebirthin'. but i want to move on...i am getting all riled up over here!

the last time i was at the beach i chatted with my grandma about birth and some of the issues surrounding it and how things have changed over the years....i suppose it does seem quite radical...my decision...if you yourself experience pregnancy and birth in quite a different way than now....if you werent given any options...where fathers really didnt participate in the birth process...where you werent allowed to choose who was in the room and how you might labor...you were told. or merely expected....to act a certain way during the birth of your own child. i really want my grandma at specks birth....it is very important to me that i share that with her. (hi grandma, if you're reading this!!!) :-)

i know i am rambling a bit...but alot of this is stuff that i have had alot of time to think about...and i dont really know if i have shared it...i am just feelin it i guess. i am gonna go and watch a cheesy girl movie now! happy wednesday to you all.

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Pamela said...

I found your blog! Yay!

FWIW, it wasn't me that transported a baby like that. I can say that if it WAS me, I certainly wouldn't be bagging a baby en route in a car. That's what EMTs are for. :)

But, yeah, no matter what I think the stories that come through the hospital grapevine are sometimes overexaggerated and crazy inaccurate.

(How about that breech baby that was born at home to a first time mom recently? That likely sent people on their tails!)