22 May 2008

thursday. thursday.

i wasnt going to post the pic i am posting with this post....but i decided not to be shy with it....it is my belly! and i love it! i hope you do too. :)

i have had a very nice day today. i basicly finished up a swap package! it is for the "pregnant and newborn swap" on craftster! i am quite happy with how it turned out! and i cant wait to receive my package from my partner! once i know my partner has recieved from me, i will post pics of what i made! soooo cute!
i made speck a couple of things too! so fun!

i had another midwiffer appointment yesterday! it was fun. everything looks good! speck was a movin around alot when we were playin' with the fetoscope! speck is head down so all the kicks i have been feeling are up top-o-the-belly! we are going to borrow pams (my midwife) pool...we have to buy a liner in case we want to use it! and we will be needin to get our lil birth kit together! so exciting.....only 10 weeks left! can yall believe that!?!! i get to have a car bomb in 10 weeks!!!! well, and meet speck of course! i am doing both on specks birthday!

when i think about being pregnant...i really think about the wonder that is going on with my bod! and then it makes me think of how empty i might feel after the fact...like physically....we will see. i wonder if that is why people get knocked up again shortly after having had a baby....probably.
i hope you are all having a lovely week!


Michele Maule said...

Wow Angie!

You look amazing. Truly. You're beautiful. Thanks for posting that picture. It's so cool.

I can't believe you're in the double digits now!!! How exciting!!

Keep the pictures coming. It makes me happy to see them :)

Anonymous said...

its an incredable photo.


Anonymous said...



Michele Maule said...

ps Angie.

I tagged you!
Now it's your turn to write about 7 irrelevant things about yourself :)


sweetness said...

Soooo pretty, Angers!

A car bomb after birth? You're gonna have to pump n' dump, lol!!

kittykill said...

I love this picture of you. You are breathtaking. Just beautiful.