05 June 2008

Mo' Belly!

only 8 more weeks left folks! i just cant believe it!!!

we are finalizing dates for the baby barbeque! it will be july 5th or 12th...and we are leaning more towards the 12th....

speck has been moving a ton and i have been more and more able to identify his/her position inside m'belly, which i think is way cool.

many many moons ago, i stated that i wanted to deliver babies when i grew up....i am thinking more and more about this...i also thought nursing was the best way to go about this....but i am thinking more and more about becoming a midwife and getting my butt out of the hospital....its brewing in my noggin and i am thinking of pursuing something that seems more fulfilling....more enlightening. empowering. i dunno. i probably need advice...so, if you have any, holla! just thoughts rollin around in my head is all.

i just cant believe that i have 8 weeks left. then, we meet. we all do!

enjoy the belly!


amy said...

i think you would make an AMAZING midwife darlin!

i've always been pretty pro-alternative healthcare, big into giving people options for their own treatment and stuff, but since you've been preggo, i've been thinking about midwifery a lot, and it's really an amazing amazing thing to do.

i know you can do it! and you know you'll have a TON of support along the way!!

domestic eva said...

I think you would make the best kind of midwife there is. You will have the experience and empathy of giving birth in a non-traditional environment yet at the same time you are familar with a hospital setting also, so you could give a lot of educated options for your new mommies. I think if you feel a tug to go down the midwife path you should. Maybe you could try to get into a birthing center as a kind of half way point to see if you really like it?

Michele Maule said...

Angie, you should become a mid wife so that when I decide to have a baby you can be mine. Oh, and delivering other peeps' babies would be cool too :)

Dude, your bathtub is awesome. You totally scored. I guess that makes up for the several years you didn't have one huh?

Jamie said...

Angiiiie!! You and your belly are gorgeous!!

And, as you already know, I TOTALLY support you becoming a midwife! I think that would be a great thing and totally you! :)

Teapot said...

I think being a midwife is your destiny! You're so amazing and it would give you a more hands on and personal experience with mother and child.