11 June 2008

saaaaad. and some happies.

i was supposed to be leaving for boston tomarrow to see some friends but it fell through for me. i was wishing to get in one vacation before the lil speckster made his/her debut....hopefully i will get some funs in prior! i am missing out on some serious crab eating and fun times with my gals this trip....

we are scheduled to go camping with the fam next weekend. which reminds me that somehow we need to find a tent! and bring lots of blankets. we will be camping up at mt. hood....i think its going to be cooooooold! it should be pretty fun though! lots of chill time.

i only have 52 days to go til speck!!!! can yall believe that! crazy i tell ya.

i am really excited too that my friend eva, who lives in tennessee is probably moving to wenatchee washington which is only four hours away!!!
this makes me extremely happy as i always needed someone to run away from t-rexes with! ;)

this post is pretty random...but its just a couple things that i have thought about today and wanted to share.


Michele Maule said...

You can always come to the big D and visit us Ang!!

or not...there's not a lot to do here. We have a fire pit though!!

We could make you some virgin margaritas and eat lots of s'mores...mmm....

angie said...

i want to come visit you michele!!! i have meant to!

Eva said...

Brad will be back in TN until August so if I end up in WA a while before he does, dont be suprised when you hear an obnoxious knock on your door!

amy said...

i'm sad about boston too! those jerks better have a blast for us!!

there'll be fun times at the baby shower! im' determined to come down for it, i want to see you and the speckster before they arrive!