21 July 2008

sooooon. so soooon.

we are so close. things are pretty much ready for the speckster to come a'speelunking on out!

everyone keeps callin and inquiring if i am in labor yet......not yet...but i think i am ready! i am ready and content and really just ready to roll with however speck decides to make his or her appearance! people keep asking if i plan on a water birth....i have all my options open...we have access to a pool and will have it ready to go when i go into labor....but i am not deciding on specific ways to deliver...i dont want to narrow it down...it will happen how it wants to happen and i am happy to ride that big old wave! if for some reason the homebirth doesnt work out, which i have every faith that it will, i will deliver at silverton hospital....but i am at peace with however speck chooses to come! i cant wait to see specks lil face!

i cant wait. i am very excited....in the meantime, i have still been working...and swimming and chillin out. just a waitin game at this point. its a fun wait though. my wrists are still given me trouble...but i am a'dealin!

anyhow, i will try to keep yall posted! i cant wait!


Michele Maule said...

I can't wait either Ang!
Been thinking about you a lot and keep checking your blog to see if there is any news :)
Hang in there! Only a few more days!

kittykill said...

I can't believe that it is so close. You are so calm and peaceful about it. You are so wonderful!

michaelendo said...

So exciting!!
I wish we could be there. We'll be home soon enough. Only 9 months to go!!
Say hi to Durin for me.

amy said...

aww!! such a cutie picture of durin!

i can't wait!!