06 July 2008


hey everyone,
sorry for the slackage on the posting. i have actually been avoiding the computer a bit because i have hurty wrist pain and am trying to not exacerbate it by typing etc. i believe that its partially carpal tunnel that is caused by extra fluids in pregnancy....and partially a nerve being pinched off on the the right side....anyhow, that is why i havent posted recently.

the other day we got specks room painted (that was fun with the wrist action let me tell ya)all that is left is the edging by the ceiling. the color is a nice chocolatey brown! i think its going to look awesome! well, it already does.
then, alls we have to do is set it up in there! i went to ikea and got some fun stuff the other day...lamps and things. i heart ikea.

tummywise, my belly is big! i feel ok! when i am walking i get the braxton hicks contractions...but have all along. there is new pains and pressures...but they are totally tolerable at this point! only 28 days left. that is crazy. just crazy. seems like we should be doing more to prepare.....we have bbq next week...then what!??! wait and wait i guess! this lil bugger will do its thing then i suppose!

well, thought i would update yall...as i am up very early this morning....hope to see ya next week at the bbq. if not, lots of hugs and love to ya.

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