24 June 2008

more belly for you folks.

i had a lovely day today! i went to water aerobics, got coffee, babysat nicoles boys...we went to the park...and then to get ice cream. after that nicole came over and we sunbathed in the back yard....my belly is a tad bit burnt methinks. and then we went and got sushi! what a great day!!!

i hope you all had a lovely day too!
only 40 days til speck!


kittykill said...

Belly! Belly! Belly! How I love the belly! You look beautiful as usual.

gingerquilts said...

Your belly shots are adorable! I'm so excited for you. You're going to be an awesome mama.

Michele Maule said...

Wish we could be at the bbq.

I am not going to cry...not gonna do it!

Anyway, we'll be there in spirit!
I can't believe it's only 34 days! That's like a month! Then there will be a little Angie/Durin human! Eekks!

You look amazing :)
Miss you guys tons!

Teapot said...

You look so beautiful! I can't wait to meet Speck!