18 October 2008

its almost halloween time!!! i havent had time really to make my boy a costume...i was thinking about making him a gnome costume...but then we were discussing the possibility of making him dr. evil from austen powers....:)

but his skellie onesie might have to be it if i dont get my bootie in gear for something else....

warren is starting to really and intentionally grab stuff! he loves his elephant toy and the awesome squishy ball thing that a friend gave to him! its awesome!!!

hes a pretty happy boy...with the exception of yesterday....he wouldnt take a bottle for the life of him...it was battleriffic...we had to go buy a boob shaped bottle...it worked like a charm...the bottle, in case you care, is called adiri natural nurser...it is softer like a boob...so babies can obtain a similar latch onto the nipple as they do when they breast feed...it worked very well...and now i less scared about him starving to death at daycare next week! yay for boobie bottles!

thats it for todays update!

so i copied this from risingpheonixmama's blog...i am a sucker for the surveys....here goes!

Four jobs I’ve had:
Lifeguard (my very first job!)
Barista (i miss slingin' coffee sometimes!)
Certified Nursing Assistant
Registered Nurse in Women and Childrens Services

Four movies I can watch over and over:
The Emporor's New Groove
The Green Mile
Fried Green Tomatoes
Darjeeling Limited (i love the soundtrack too)

Four places I’ve lived:
Silverton, Or
Portland, Or
Beaverton, Or (that sucked)
Vancouver, BC (for a little while)

Four TV shows I have seen:
No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain
The Biggest Loser
Wife Swap (guilty pleasure tv yo)

Four places I’ve vacationed:
the oregon coast
Rockhill, New York
Puebla Mexico (for a month...)

Four of my favorite dishes:
Pho from Pho Vinh
cupcakes from St. Cupcakes
Crab at Jakes
Soft Tostada from El Burrito Loco

Four sites I visit daily:
My blog buddies
i cant think of four that i visit everyday.

Four places I would rather be right now:
eating cocunut crab in tahiti
eating yummy food in mexico
eating food any old where really! i want anthony bourdains job.
skiing baby!



Radical Midwife said...

He is a pure cutie! I too had big plans to sew my son a costume....but, it's already mid-October, and I've given up. We'll be heading to the store for an ugly polyester costume because I suck. His first Halloween (that we dressed him up, 2 years old), I made him the cutest pumpkin costume!

Kim said...

Hey Ang,
I miss that little guy , he is getting soo big without me. Give him a little squish from me.

Michele Maule said...

What a cutie!
I can't wait to see him in person. He's going to be so big!

I also wanted to comment on you soft tostada choice for favorite dish. That's one of mine too!! Mikey and I plan to go there the first day back home :)

First stop will be Burgerville for Milkshakes, then El Burrito...

Glad Warren's doing well. Hope you are too!