24 November 2008

i have the cutest

..... baby in the world!

and...the cutest van in the world! check it out!

we bought ourselves a camper van! it is sweet sweet campmobile goodness! it has a sink, an icebox, a seat that folds out into a bed, a table, a cot in the ceiling, a lil closet with a mirror and a big old steering wheel! we got a very good deal on it! isnt she cute!?! she does need a new clutch but that shouldnt be too much of a problem! we should get her a new one in the next couple of weeks i think....she does drive just noisy in first gear! i am so excited! i get to make curtains! i am thinking about this lovely alexander henry yellow bird fabric....i think its called "birdseed"...whatchyall think!?!

i have just been workin and hanging out at home for the most part! i did get to go and karaoke last wednesday night! that was nice! i dont get out as much as i used to as you can imagine! which is fine by me...but i do appreciate a couple hours of cheesy off key music to sooth the soul! and make me giggle!

warren is such a big boy now! he now giggles when i tickle him...he still adores his baths! he is starting to do the archy thing like he wants to flip himself over! he is able to hold and grab and play with his toys now! and my new favorite thing...he grabs my face and pulls it to him! its damn adorable! adorable i tell ya!


Anonymous said...

he is sooooo cute, you're right about that!

and that van! sooo jealous! any alexander henry fabric is perfect enough for a sweet ride like that.


angie said...
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angie said...

woops! i am a dork! i accidently deleted my own comment! i was gonna say your new tat might match my van! :) if i get the yellow bird fabric that is!

Michele Maule said...

Cute babies!!
Awwww what a sweetie!

That van is something else Ang! My friend had an old VW bus. I can't wait to see you and Durrin driving that thing! Hehe.

Speaking of seeing you... 5 months and 14 days baby!!
can not wait!!!