01 December 2008


this blog is supposed to be about stuff i like...and things i do. well, these days, i havent had much time to do much of either! but i hope the blog is entertaining nonetheless.

thanksgiving was awesome. we went to the beach and had thanksgiving at my grandmas house. good eats and a riveting game of cranium! cant beat that! we even got durin to play!

after that, we came home and really just have hung around the house....and then sunday, we went and had another thanksgiving at durins moms house! warren was a lil bugger there...i think he is teething...he was a lil fuss-bucket.
and again today, fuss central i tell ya!

i am excited because i am organizing a cookie swap on a website that i moderate! i am going to get random cookies in the mail! i cant wait!

christmas this year is going to be a little tight...as i am sure it is going to be for most people...but i am excited to make food and cookies and treats...if i can find the time!

anyhow, i am gonna go to bed...i have to work tomarrow. but i wanted to blog something....i know its not that exciting...but it will have to do for now!

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