11 January 2010


well. well. well.

another birthday come and gone. i am 31. so far its the same as any other age since i have been a so called "grown up"....good bye twenties. i hear that the thirties are the best! i hope so!

my family had our christmas celebration yesterday. it was fun. well, except trying to wrap presents beforehand with warren around! that was a joke! we all met up at my aunts house here in town. we had a lovely long round of present opening, coffee and cardamom (sp?) bread made by my grandma! i love that bread.

today, i just tried to find some knitting patterns and hung out at home til i had to leave for a midwifin' appointment with a lovely mama who is due at the beginning of next month. i am super excited for the next few births!

in the crafting aspect of my little world, i am in the final stages of knitting a hat. it is the pilot hat from littleturtleknits.com. i knit it in my size. i cant decide if its going to be so dorky its cool...like anthropologie cute dorky....or if it will be just plain dorky. i will have to wait til i can wear it to decide!

i found a big slouchy hat pattern to knit a hat for nicole...its like the hat that the little girl wore in the movie version of "the secret garden"....i need the right size needles though before i can start...but i am ready!

aaaaand. i am thinking of knitting a baby scale sling....i half assed drafted up a pattern for one...but i dont think i will get to it right away. but, i think it will be a lace type pattern. i will have to use yarn that doesnt have a lot of give. it may not work...but its worth a shot for a pretty sling for weighing fresh babies!

i am also in a mod swap on craftster.org. i have the perfect partner! thanks pam! i cant wait to get rolling on some stuff for her! this is going to be a fun swap. its been a while since i participated in one! i am happy about it!

alright. tonight is done. i am spent. my bed is beckoning.

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