16 March 2008

baby! shoes!

so, i have been sick for the last few days....i have had the cough from hell that wont go away....and then on top of that, i got a cold a few days ago. so, its been swell let me tell ya. i even went to the doctor to see if i could take something for the cough.....he prescribed me amoxicillin....even though he thinks its a virus....real smart. so, yeah. i am not taking the antibiotics if its just a virus....does no good.

i have basicly been laying around...but i had lunch with my aunt yesterday, which was cool! we drove around and looked at the town and at some houses for sale....!

today, we went over to nicoles to help out a bit...i wasnt much help actually...too tired and sick to really help, plus its hard helping someone else move their stuff....when its not all packed up ya know.

so, the shoes. i got a boost of energy and felt like sewing. so i found this pattern online to make lil baby shoes! so the above shoes are what i sewed today! i think they are damn cute! i think the suede ones are not quite done...i am going to get some leather lacing and lace it like sheepskin slippers......i think they will be cute that way! i am awfully proud of these lil bebe shoesies!


michaelendo said...

Those are cuter than homemade shoes...

I like that making shoes is something that you just felt like doing.

angie said...

well yeah! do you want me to make you a pair too! :D

Michele Maule said...

If Mikey gets a pair, I want some too!

Anonymous said...

What is a ring sling?