05 April 2008

i miss you guys.

dear mikey and michele.
i am sad cuz i miss you guys. i just wanted you to know that. your comments on my last post made me feel all weepy and sad.

i want you to know that you are family in my eyes...and i miss ya. and you are totally specks auntie and uncle.

ok. i am gonna cry now.


michaelendo said...

Don't cry Angie.

We miss you guys too. We'll be home to visit in a few months. We can't wait to see you.

Michele Maule said...

Awww don't cry Angie!
We will be home soon.
Next year will fly by!
Only one year one month to go.
You'll be so busy with little Speck you won't even notice :)

Jean said...

Awe :(