04 April 2008

lets try pics again....

yay! the pics worked this time! the above pic is a ring sling that i had made for a swap a while ago...i never got to send it out...i am not fond of sparkly purple...but i did want to show that even you can sew a baby sling to carry your kitty litter around in! :)

this pic is a recent belly pic with a happy durin in the background! the belly is taking over the world....or atleast MY world! lil speck baby weighs about a pound now! yowzers...thats a huge kid!

aaaaand this is my mei tai sling (with kelly's baby owen in it! he was my test subject!). i am so happy with this sling....it is pretty comfy...even with my own belly in the way! i want to make a few more....i am obsessed with slings....i really have a feeling i am not going to like dealing with strollers and carseats all the time...slings seem like the best and coziest option for speck and i....

the last few days i have dreamt about speck and not being ready for him/her. and it freaks me out a little. so, i have started researching baby stuffs. yesterday i spent many hours looking into the potpourri of cloth diapering options....it is quite overwhelming at first...but i think i have come up with a plan that works for durin and i....i think that i am going to go with a diaper service and call it good! if you know durin at all you KNOW hes not going to want to soak and rinse and fling poo all over in order to cloth diaper...he would gag. AND if you know me, you know that i am not real keen on laundry doin'! so, the diaper service seems like the right choice...and its pretty inexpensive (please note: you can gift diaper service as well! hint. hint.). so, we will have all the prefold diapers delivered...and i am hoping to get a bunch of wrap type diaper covers for ease of use....i am currently talking with a lovely lady on etsy about making me a bulk order...but we will see.

the average spawn, in their diapering years, goes through about $4000 worth of disposable diapers....with even a diaper service its cheaper! and my baby's poo won't be chillin in the landfill for the next 1000 years! so yeah, it seems like the proper and good thing to do...and cloth diapering isnt as crazy hard as it used to be...

if anyone has any personal experience or advice---please holla!

alright. i am out! i have to go get ready to meet tiffany for breakfast! wheeee!


Michele Maule said...

Big belly!
Every time I see pictures of your belly I almost want to cry. It makes me realize how much I am missing you guys, and your little speck.


Anyway...I worked with a woman who used the diaper service thing years ago. She LOVED it. She would always talk about it when people would come through her line complaining about the price of "earth friendly" diapers. I think it's a good way to go.

Way to think about the environment and your baby's poo Angie! :)

michaelendo said...

You look amazing. I wish we could be there.

Do random people paw at your stomach? I always here pregnant women complain about that. I would probably deck someone if they randomly rubbed my beer belly.

amy said...

awww!!! belly pics! i LOVE the look on durin's face!