23 June 2008

long time no update...

so, i have been pretty busy i would say...for having had so many days off i feel wiped! the weekend before last i was hired to take pics at an anniversary party for my aunts awesome parents....who have been married for 50 years! it was super fun! i hope the pics are ok!!! i get so self conscious when i am not just dorkin around with the camera....

this last weekend, i went camping with my family! it was super! the weather was great and i just kinda chilled the whole time!

i worked today...and had a great load of patients...it was an ok day at work despite the fact that i didnt get lunch---yet again.

i also went to my midwiffers today! it had been a little bit of time since the last time i saw her...my last appt was canceled due to another lady havin her kidlet (how dare she go into labor and mess up my schedule!) heehee! i got to meet the new apprentice.....and baby is still chillin head down in the right occiput anterior position which is good. speck feels lower but its head hasnt engaged....or moved down into the pelvis yet...i suppose i will know when that happens! not too long now....only a few more weeks...my belly measures 35.5 centimeters....which is completely appropriate and normal for this week!

my to do list:
get invitations out for baby bbq tomarrow.
order candies and such from oriental trading company.
continue going to water aerobics on my days off.
order the rest of my birth kit.

for those of you following along and wanting to contribute anything to the baby bbq, please text me or call me and i can give you nicoles phone number or vice versa so yall can figure it out....i honestly dont know what she wants help with or what i should be doing....so yeah! also, just know too, that it will be pot luck style with some foods provided...it will be at the farm here...probably in nicoles yard where there will be shade...and a traeger bbq...mmmmmmmm. we are aiming at starting around 3 or 4 in the afternoon....folks are welcome to campout here on the property instead of driving home...i do imagine that there will be beverages/beers around....so no drinky and drivy! we may need tables.....so let me know if you have one to bring! or loan to us! the bbq will be pretty informal...with a baby shower element to it....no dorky games....we do have a baby registry at babysrus.com....you can find it under mine or durins names.....so fun!

i hope to see many folks there!!! i wish everyone could be there but it is understandable that life can get in the way!

i hope all is well with those of you i havent talked to.....

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amy said...

i'm so excited about the BBQ!! (and to see you guys, obviously!!)