29 October 2008

Welcome Camden!!!

my dear friend jean had her lil baby boy Camden yesterday...i am so happy and excited for her and justin...and i realized tonight that while she was laboring and once she delivered her babe it made me quite sentimental about warren and our own birth experience....time has gone by so fast since that day....its almost like you really dont have time to process each special moment like you want to....

i just wish i could catalog each moment...from the beginning of my pregnancy til the perpetual now....is this how all mamas feel?!

its almost impossible really...while i have been so focused in each moment i have also lost track of time...and all of a sudden its a month later...and while so much has changed i have realized that i am still the same yet so touched by time.... and this little person.

its hard for me to articulate...but i imagine that all you mamas know exactly what i am talking about!

i feel like one day i will wake up...and my lil boy will be a man. and i dont want to miss any of all the inbetween! i feel like the little details are so so important.

anyhow, CONGRATS JEAN AND JUSTIN!!! you are beautiful parents already! i cant wait for our boys to meet someday soon!


michaelendo said...

Hi, It sounds as though life is going well for you silvertonians. I can't wait to meet Warren. He is going to be big by the time we make it home. Good luck with Midwifery school. Miss you, Michael

Michele Maule said...

He's beautiful Angie. Beautiful.
You are too! :)

Michele Maule said...


I tagged you!
Red my blog for further instructions.

gingerquilts said...

Your little guy is adorable! It's funny how, when your "baby" is 6'3" all those wonderful things roll all together. You won't forget them, they'll all be standing before you in one huge lovable bundle. Enjoy each moment!